Does Slim Paste support hanging? Or must it be magnetically mounted?

It supports both. Please refer to Question 2.

What’s the specs of the flight cases, how many types do you have? Please give an example of how the foldable screen is packed into the flight case.

Is flight case a must to pack the foldable screens? Is it possible to ship without them? What if I buy just a few samples, how are they packed?

Yes, flight case is obligatory because they are used to ship and store the foldable screens. If you only buy a few samples, we can offer carton box to pack them, but additional protection like crate outside of it is necessary. The carton specification is 810mm(L) * 650mm(W) * 195mm(H).

How is foldable screen packed?

Foldable screen is packed in flight cases. 

Is the dimension of the screen already set before shipping? Is it possible that I assemble the parts into the size I like by myself?

Procedurally speaking, we build the screen to the order, technically speaking, you can custom the size you like as long as the power supply unit can sustain. And you have more than enough parts and accessories in stock. Let’s say more sending cards and control boxes.

What do you mean by “semi-outdoor”?

This is an informal term, let’s say the screen is installed on a wall or a shop window with canopy or under the roof. It might be called “semi-outdoor” screen, generally speaking, the brightness and IP rating are higher than that of pure indoor.

What shall I provide to get a quote for my project from you?

Please specify the pitch, screen size(width and height), and usage(indoor or outdoor).

If one of the unit is dead, do I need to dismantle the whole screen to replace it? If direct maintenance is possible, what kind of maintenance can the product support? Front-access maintenance or rear

No need to dismantle the whole just to replace the parts, in-screen replacement is possible, as for the maintenance type supported, see below:

Slim Pro
Slim Paste

As for the tools required or detailed steps, please contact our technical support for more information.

Does Slim Paste support hanging? Or must it be magnetically mounted?

It supports both. Please refer to Question 2.

What if the screen is vertically very short, and gravity fails to counteract magnetic force, will the units snap? Or some part of the screen snaps?

No, if this is the concern, we suggest installing fasteners sideways to tension the screen.